ENEA TEMAF operates in Faenza since 1994, and carries out research, development and engineering activities in the sector of advanced ceramic materials and composites for applications concerning the production and recovery of energy and the sectors of transport, aerospace, biomedical, and agribusiness, chemical industry, construction and manufacturing. Taking advantage of a background on new materials for the nuclear sector, ENEA TEMAF started focusing on R&D activities on ceramic thermo-structural materials, related engineering technologies and the mechanical qualification in simulated working conditions. ENEA TEMAF has a long experience in the production of fiber-reinforced ceramics and a specific background in the “pre-ceramics prepreg”, achieved along the past 10 years, that led to the application of two patent applications (which resulted in one European patent).ENEA TEMAF is also equipped with personnel and equipment to produce large sized moulds (5-axis matching for sizes up to half a cubic meter, and fast prototyping, EOSINT P700, the biggest plant for PA laser sintering from EOS).

Role in the project:

The role of ENEA TEMAF is focused on the development of composite panels and multimaterials starting from preceramic prepregs, as well as on the development of the necessary semi-finished products and of demonstration components, which are qualified in terms of mechanical characteristics and of fire resistance.

ENEA TEMAF is the partner coordinating Phase 1 and 5. Phase 1 deals with fire-resistant composite development, and the related upscaling of pilot lines and production processes. ENEA will lead the partnership to increase performance and improve production sustainability. In addition ENEA will develop real scale demonstrators (mostly in the form of panels).




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