The Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics (ISTEC) is the only CNR structure in Italy with long term activity programs on the whole range of ceramic materials. Founded in 1965 as a Research Group within the State Art Institute for Ceramics in Faenza, now has its main quarter in Parco Torricelli of Faenza. Following CNR’s mission, ISTEC carries out research activities and supports initiatives for technology innovation, education, promotion and dissemination of the results. The main research activities concern the development of new materials and devices, control of the properties and performances of components for applications in Energy and Environment, Cultural Heritage, Health, Hi-tech and Harsh Environments.

Since 2008 a specific research line dedicated to Geopolymers has been established, which has been developing prototypes with TRL 4-7 within regional (EEE-CFCC and TERMOREF) and national research projects as well as various industrial contracts. CNR-ISTEC is co-founder of the National Study Group on Geopolymers of the Italian Ceramic Society.

Role in the project:

CNR-ISTEC is the partner in charge of the Phase 2 concerning the development of the composites with carbon fiber and inorganic matrix, i.e., ISTEC will fine-tune the formulations (both with secondary raw materials and with ultra-refractory nanopowders) and the process for the production of both long and short fiber reinforced composites with the related production of demonstrators (exhaust pipes, insulating panels). Starting from its know-how (WO2018179019, US1607893, MI2014U000387), ISTEC staff will implement the formulations, increasing the thermal performance of the composites with the use of UHTC additives also favoring the self-healing of high temperature materials. A very important activity will concern the use of waste and recycling raw materials, both as powders to produce inorganic resins and in the form of felts to make insulating panels. In particular, biomass combustion residues from energy production (Tampieri Energie) will be employed.



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