The nature does not know the concept of “waste”: everything is reused and the waste of one process immediately becomes the raw material of another, in a circular model.

The project FIREMAT will be presented during the round table “Sustainability and Circular Economy”: through concrete examples of the studies carried out and technologies being tested, the meeting will try to provide some of the answers that companies and research centers are giving today.

Claudio Mingazzini (ENEA-TEMAF) and Simone Bandini (CertiMaC) are going to present the project as an example of new materials for Circular Economy in the Aeronautical field. The event will hosted within the selection of Italian projects for next year European competition.
The event is organized for Friday 16 April (5.00 pm) by the Palestra della Scienza and Science on Stage Italia, promoted by research bodies and local companies and sponsored by the Municipality of Faenza and the Emilia Romagna Region.

Download the programme.

Follow the live streaming HERE, next April 16th 2021, ai 5 p.m.