Founded in late 2005, MUSP Lab aims at enhancing the mechanical engineering sector. Its activity focuses on the study of machine tools and production systems oriented to research, advanced training and support to industries and their competitiveness.

MUSP activities relies on three main pillars: applied research; business services; specialized training. The Lab aims at integrating the different knowledges coming from industries, universities and research centers in order to act as a valuable partner in the field of advanced mechanics, thanks to a strong background and a multidisciplinary approach.

MUSP’s goals are:

  • providing support to local business realities and to the national machine tool industrial sector by providing innovative solutions that promote competitiveness on the international market;
  • reinforcing the collaboration between universities and companies on the mechanical industry sector supporting research activities;
  • supporting advanced education and the development of professional roles in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Role in the project:

MUSP is the Partner in charge of the Phase 4 concerning the engineering of materials and modeling of components. MUSP has a strong experience in the application of innovative materials into the industrial sector and in multiphysics numerical modeling. On the basis of the data achieved in the previous phases (characterization of the materials), MUSP will develop the activities related to the engineering of the materials (basalt fiber and preceramic matrix composites and carbon fiber and inorganic matrix composites) for their applications in fire-proof panels and thermal barriers. This first activity will be supported by advanced numerical modeling, validated through experimental test. In the second phase MUSP will develop the numerical models for the demonstrator design, in order to predict the resistance of the prototypes to mechanical and thermal loads. MUSP will develop the structural models for the design of the demonstrators. The final goal is to transfer the acquired skills to the industrial sector, as the machine tool sector.



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