Tampieri Energie Srl has been formally established in 2002, part of the Tampieri Group, the company produces electrical energy from renewable resources. Tampieri Energie runs one of the largest solid biomass plants in Italy, able of generating about 172,000,000 KWh of electricity per year. Tampieri Energie is specialized in the combustion process aimed at producing energy, where plant biomass and animal meal only are used. At the end of the processing cycle, huge amounts of ash are produced: their exploitation is fundamental for a circular economy, where the value of products and materials is preserved as long as possible, the waste’s production and the use of resources are minimised.

Role in the project:

According to the circular economy’s principles, when a product reaches its end of life, it is reused, creating further value. The ash from biomass has a great potential as precious resource being reused: Tampieri Energie is looking for technological solutions to solve the problem of disposal of biomass waste incinerators.

In this perspective, the company’s interest in FIREMAT project is to find “ways out” for its waste (whose production is steady and massive) which are reliable, environmentally sustainable as well as technically and economically feasible.